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Virgin America Safety (Music) Video

I love everything about this music video and overall campaign for Virgin America’s safety video. The self-awareness (“for the .001% of you who have never operated a seatbelt before…”), catchiness, and entertainment value is not hard to produce but is a much more enjoyable (required) experience. My guess is other airlines aren’t doing something like this for two reasons: 1) safety is a priority and should not be relegated to a side show, and 2) it’s not the way it’s been done before.

This whole thing makes me step back and wonder why the safety and instructional videos are shown (or demonstrated) in-flight and not something all fliers should pre-qualify for1 (like a drivers license test) before getting on a plane.

  1. I believe Bruce Schneier or someone similar proposed this when discussing security, TSA, flying, etc. 

From Peter Bright at Ars Technica:

Of particular interest to Web developers: there won’t be any -blink or -chrome CSS prefixes; like Mozilla, all new experimental features will require developers to enable them in the browser’s options page.

Shucks. I was really looking forward to trying -blink-text-decoration: blink.


Facebook just invited press to an event at its headquarters on April 4th to “Come See Our New Home On Android”. Sources tell us it will be a modified version of the Android operating system with deep native Facebook functionality on the homescreen that may live on an HTC handset.

Something tells me Facebook making a phone with HTC may go as well as that time Apple made a phone with Motorola.

What have we learned from CES so far?

I think the list is short but these shouldn’t be surprises, right?

  1. A chipmaker — always at least one degree removed from consumers — is out of touch with what gets consumers excited about electronics… at the Consumer Electronics Show.

  2. 3D television is dead to consumers … because it was only pushed by manufacturers and studios to sell more electronics and movies?

Serious question: what comes out of CES anymore?

Stay tuned for my snarky coverage of SXSW…


David Cohen has a good observation about shaking hands:

The handshake is thought to have developed as a gesture of peace, to show that neither side was carrying a weapon in their right hand. Since I’m not really afraid that anyone I meet at a conference will be carrying a spear, you’d think we could just move past this tradition.

I’ve tried pre-empting friends and folks I’ve met before with a fist-bump to avoid the germy, awkward palm-to-plam interaction. It’s less-often received as ‘inappropriate’ or a cultural “faux pas” and I can’t help but think President Obama is mostly to thank for that. But new encounters don’t feel right with a bump… for now.