Howdy! I’m Devin and I help with enterprise accounts at GitHub. I’m a twenty-something living (working, and playing) in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been known to ski, jog, and brew my own beer.

Quick Facts

  • I’m married to my best friend, Rachel.
  • I used to help manage things at Crowd Favorite, a small web design and development firm.
  • I work on the sales and enterprise accounts side of things at GitHub.
  • I grew up in Colorado, studied here, and see myself living here most of my life.
  • I love to ski, camp and hike, and I’m slowly learning to golf.
  • I have visited every continent except Antarctica (but, it’s on the list).
  • I’m an Eagle Scout (I thought I would be a park ranger when I grew up).


  • MacBook Air, 11″ (mid 2012)
  • iPhone 5 (white)
  • The new iPad (2012)
  • Sonos
  • Apple TV
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • PlayStation 3
  • Nintendo Wii


Professional and WordPress

  • Organized the inaugural WordCamp Denver in February 2009 and the subsequent WordCamp Boulder in July 2010. WordCamps are locally-hosted conferences about WordPress.
  • Wrote the song and lyrics to It’s Called WordPress and created the accompanying music video (not sure if this is good or not)
  • Helped host and emcee the “Developer Track” at WordCamp San Francisco 2011.
  • Discussed how clients should choose a web developer and/or designer on a panel at WordCamp Orlando 2011.
  • Presented on integrating Facebook Platform into WordPress and other Open Source projects at the Facebook Developer Garage Boulder in May 2010.
  • Designed and developed the original WordPress theme design and logo for Employee Evolution. I also contributed in the early-days by writing articles for Employee Evolution.
  • Helped Noah Kagan organize one of the more successful conferences around social communities called CommunityNext.
  • Designed the original blog badge for Twenty Something bloggers
  • Designed and built many of the default wiki templates and sample wikis for pbWiki in early 2008.
  • Worked for two small ISPs from 1999-2001 where I taught myself about Unix, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and supporting customers. I also hacked a lot on IRC bots, scripts, daemons and have hated Perl ever since.

Writing, Fun, etc.

  • My brother, Branden, and I appeared on “the show ” by ze frank near the end in June 2006.
  • Cited by Freakonomics author and economist Steven Levitt on his New York Times blog
  • Interviewed by the Denver Post about the ‘No Gas Day’ concept in May 2007
  • Co-authored and published an article on The Ethical Issues Surrounding Wi-Fi in March 2007.
  • Was a member of the now defunct, but very successful, 9rules blog network as early as 2006.
  • Mentioned on the Tom Peters (management expert) blog
  • Listed as an ‘alltop’ blogger for twenty somethings and skiing
  • Interviewed by Mint.com for their personal finance blog
  • Interviewed by Human Resource Executive for their November 2007 issue in the article: The Millenial Mind-Set
  • I like to think that I helped popularize the “biphasic sleep“, (aka “nap”) concept in February 2006
  • Participated in the first StartupWeekend held in Boulder, CO
  • Volunteered as an Editor of the Open Directory Project. I worked up to three third-level categories (most proud: Regional: Europe: Spain) through countless hours of work after school.
  • Contributed as a technical writer to the Unreal IRC daemon a very long time ago. Was credited with early contributions to version 3.2 betas.
  • Volunteered as an editor for Jeremy Wright’s book, Blog Marketing

Contact Information

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